Product Customizer integrates seamlessly with:


Order Printer

Product Customizer syncs nicely with the Shopify Order Printer app - preview and print all documents you need for your orders


PageFly Advanced Page Builder

The sleekest and easiest-to-use page builder app. Make your Shopify store design look professional and modern with a super-sleek builder


In Cart Upsell

Our favorite up-selling and cross-selling app. Say goodbye to annoying popups and upsell like the pros - directly within your shopping cart

Make sure your apps are syncing and not hindering each other

Grow your store's audience - more views = more sales

Get your Shopify apps working together - grow fast

Make sure your apps are syncing and not hindering each other

Product Customizer is an integrated product page tool - giving you unlimited product variant capabilities

Some apps can break your store's theme, hinder the performance of other apps you already have, or work against your end goals. Product Customizer is a simple yet powerful addition to the suite of Shopify apps on your online store. And with always free, 24/7 support, you can rest assured that any integrations issues will be top priority with our tech team.

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