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Product Options & Customizer

Shopify App for Unlimited Variants & Product OptionsOvercome Shopify's product variant limitations - create unlimited product options fields for all your store's products, with color and image swatches, Calendar date selector, File Uploads, Google fonts picker, Custom file uploads, Drop-down menus, Text inputs, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, and per-option up-charge pricing.

About Product Customizer

Give your Shopify store customers the gift of personalization 

• Combine variants with Product Customizer options• Manage & sync your options across multiple products• Use bulk actions to save time managing large volumes of products• Search & filter products by type or tag to quickly update options• Create option templates & avoid hours spent managing product options• Define fields as required to prevent incomplete orders• Add descriptions & placeholders to ensure customers complete fields properly• Set character limits on your text fields• Set a min or max number of choices for checkbox groups• Show/hide options with conditional logic!• Use custom option pricing (up-charge) to increase revenue!• Now works with AJAX carts (cart sliders & drawers)!

Key Features

Use conditional logic to make options fields appear or disappear

Create unlimited product options fields on all product pages

Up-charge for customizations and increase your revenue

Use conditional logic to make options fields appear or disappear

Product Options & Customizer dropdown

Keep your product pages crisp & clean with conditional logic

Can I hide or show customizations? Yep! Our Premium Features support conditional logic for display, allowing you to automatically hide or display on the proper product options fields at the proper times.

Harness a powerful Shopify app with 1,200+ positive reviews!

Love this app! It's given us to add on countless options to customize our shopping experience for our customers. Support is also great and supper fast! - NOOK & CRANNY
- e have a very complex product line with multiple overlapping upsells and a nightmare of a shipping problem. We use the app to make customer checkout easier and take a $2k sale to almost $4k without affecting the shipping. Great piece of software! - YAEGERPRO CARTS BY SBSM
"I used it mainly for photo uploads and its doing great. Easy to set up and there is always a helping hand in the support team if I have questions. Great App!"-FOTOCALCETINES

Unlimited possibilities

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    Better Performance

    Improve the customer experience: Options display immediately so no delay for your customers.

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    Higher Reliability

    Avoid down time. Product Customizer doesn't depend on external systems! Unlike other apps that use third-party sites and panels, we rely on Shopify's a-frame system only. Product Customizer is built for scalability and performance.

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    More Power

    Other apps limit your number of pricing options or require multiple hidden products to power your custom prices. Not us! Enjoy unlimited pricing options, powered by one simple hidden product, with our Premium Plan

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    Improved Compatibility

    Product Customizer offers support for advanced theme features and is compatible with almost any theme.And we offer best-in-class near-24/7 support and free installation for EVERY store!

Get Going In Minutes

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    1. Add the app

    Login to your store admin, go to the apps tab, and click to install Product Options & Customizer

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    2. Pick a plan

    Follow the prompts to choose your plan - you won't be charged until after 14 days - and no contracts ;)

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    3. Create a test product option

    Create a test option and add it to a test product on your store (and wait for our email to confirm install)

Demo Product Customizer now for free!

The first 14 days are free - cancel anytime, no contracts or obligations - plus FREE 24/7 tech support


"I added this app to allow for customizations to my products where the purchaser needs to add in text and this app does it perfectly AND it looks neat and tidy with my theme (unlike other apps)."


"Installation is easy and the app is user friendly. Daniel with the support team was able to answer my questions in a timely manner. They also provide great training resources that aid users with the app."


"I love this app! It is so much easier to add options in bulk rather than adding variants one by one in Shopify."