5 Benefits of Product Customization

5 Benefits of Product Customization

Product customization on eCommerce stores has gained popularity among shoppers in recent years and is on its way to becoming a trend that will become bigger and more relevant to a broader range of Shopify stores in 2022. Customizing or altering products is a benefit that will help merchants meet the needs of shoppers on an individual basis.

Everyone is unique and desires to have something identifiable as their own. Because of the emotional connection shoppers develop with products, customization is more crucial than ever. When a consumer believes a product is theirs, it transforms from something you're attempting to sell to a prized personal possession they have to own.

Giving your customers the option to customize a product exactly how they want will increase sales and retention, cut down on customer service hassles, and create a loyal customer base.

A Personalized Experience for Retention

The consumer experience is at the core of everything. If you want to differentiate your brand or eCommerce business, strive to offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Personalizing the experience on your product pages will make your customers feel in control of the process. This will be mutually beneficial to you and your customers because they will enjoy visiting your store. When shoppers have a memorable experience with your store, they will want to come back to purchase more.

Increased Customer Loyalty and Retention

The second advantage of product personalization is increased customer loyalty. Customer loyalty keeps shoppers coming back to purchase more instead of buying from another store. When people have an emotional relationship with your customer experience and product offering because of the opportunity to customize their purchases, your store will be the first option when making their next purchase.  Buyers expect more out of the online shopping experience and expect to get what they want, and how they want it. Shoppers crave familiarity and understanding and product customization can give them that satisfaction.

Increased Sales

When shoppers feel understood, they are more inclined to spend money with your store. When you offer what the shopper needs, they are more willing to spend money with your Shopify store. When you offer shoppers your SKUs in multiple colors that match the exact color of the product, they are more likely to purchase that product in more than one color. An example of this is Product Customizers image swatch feature, which is ideal for showcasing your products in the exact colors your store offers for those products.  

Competitive Edge

Being one step ahead of the competition is a fantastic way to start 2022. The world is changing at an incredible pace, and eCommerce is growing more popular by the day, which means that more and more shoppers are seeking online stores they can rely on. If you don't offer your customers what they want, your competitors will. If your competitors do not provide the option of personalizing their products, this is an excellent chance to stay one step ahead. Be different and stand out, this is what entices shoppers to visit your store in the first place and it is also what will make them stay.

Less Customer Service Hassle

The reason why shoppers come to you for answers to product questions is that they often expect and want your products to be offered in a particular way. If you do not provide buyers with the clarity of what the product offers like the exact color, text boxes to tell you exactly what they want, or file uploads for reference points, they might order the product and find out it's not what they were expecting. This causes returns, distaste, and a strain on your customer service resources. This could lead to bad reviews and unsatisfied customers. When shoppers can customize their products with multiple options, the result is a product they love and feel connected to, which could result in positive product reviews with UGC, and fewer returns. It's a win all the way around.

Prominence in the Marketplace

Becoming the go-to eCommerce store of shoppers choice is the dream and you can start living that dream if you offer more options for shoppers. Spruce up your product offerings by using features such as Product Customizers conditional logic. This feature allows you to further customize the appearance of your product selections in your store. Features like this make all the difference and help you to dominate in the marketplace.

Are you ready to begin your product customization journey? Customize like a pro without ever having to tap development resources. Try Product Customizer on Shopify for the most up-to-date features in customization that will make your product offers come to life.