Product Customizer

Product Customizer

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We have over 700 reviews from merchants who love our app!


Aquaproof Paper

Overall, this is a solid app. It offers the extra bells and whistles that enrich the user's shopping experience. The key feature we wanted was the image upload ability, to allow the user to see the image they uploaded to our shopify store. I myself was unable to get this feature to work. Luckily, their support team was reactive to my request. I sent them screenshots and they were able to troubleshoot the issue with the theme. They QUICKLY fixed the problem. Our team is so happy to have this feature now. Great app, and easy peasy good support. Thanks again to Pushpesh! (From Support Team) :)


Agnar Herbal

The App is great. Coming in very useful for what I do (Meal/Drink Delivery) I m still on the free trial but customer service is still great. Dealt with Sheniel G. She was extremely helpful and solved my issues with my site.. Update. Contacted PO again. Spoke to Aman M. He was extreamly helpful. And sorted and issue for that I thought was. actually impossible and saved me a lot of time. Thanks Aman! (From Support Team)


Party Beautifully

I have been using the Product Customer app for a couple of years now for my website and absolutely LOVE it. Not only does it meet my needs bur the customer service is amazing. Over the years I've done several theme tweaks and changes and any code updates I need to have made to accommodate the new theme code is done within minutes and even my customer service emails are answered so quickly....even on weekends. I highly recommend this app and plan on sticking with it indefinitely. Thank you so much for such quick resolution to my questions this weekend!

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